Are You Addicted To Your Phone or Social Media?

Smartphone addiction is a real problem that can negatively affect your mental and physical health. It can lead to anxiety, depression, sleep problems, and social isolation. It can also interfere with our work and relationships.

If you’re concerned that you may be addicted to your phone, this quiz can help you assess your usage and identify any areas where you may need to cut back.

This tool analyzes your relationship with your phone. People with phone addiction might develop other mental health challenges like depression and anxiety.

Although this tool is not for diagnosis, it may help you determine whether you should seek professional help.

Are You Addicted To Your Phone or Social Media?

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1. How often do you check your phone?

To recover from smartphone addiction, start by setting clear boundaries. Gradually reduce screen time and engage in offline activities. Embrace hobbies and exercise for a healthier, balanced life. Remember, you’ve got this – one step at a time!

However, if the urge to be on your phone is too strong, seek support from a licensed therapist.

How you answer the questions will determine your score. Your results will appear as one of the following:

  • Pass: You have a healthy relationship with your phone.
  • Fail: You’re too attached to your phone.

As with all check-up tools, this tool gives you a place to start. Remember that a higher score does not necessarily mean you have a healthy attachment to your phone. Also, a lower score does not always mean you’re addicted to your phone. Additionally, using this tool is not a substitute for a thorough evaluation by a therapist

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