Group Balloon Release


In an effort to destigmatize the struggles we all experience in life, Recognize & Rise has adopted the theme “It Happens. But it doesn’t have to define us.”

To bring that to life, we are staging group balloon releases, signifying participants’ “letting go” of something they have been struggling with. By doing this in a group, we recognize we are not alone in dealing with chronic stress, adversity and emotional trauma. We build a sense of commonality and community.

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What we Provide

Helium-filled biodegradable balloons printed with the campaign theme “It Happens. But it doesn’t have to define us” will be provided to each group participant at no expense to the collaborating group.

FREE delivery will be provided to those groups/agencies in Tarrant County within 30 miles of downtown Fort Worth. For Tarrant County groups outside that perimeter, other arrangements must be made for pick up or delivery.

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What we need from you

Organize a Group Balloon Release for no less than 25 participants.

2 Provide one contact person from your team to coordinate with Mental Health Connection on details.

Promote Balloon Release on the agency’s/group’s social media platforms to include a short video of the release and a minimum of 2 pictures posted on any or all of these platforms: Facebook and Instagram (post & story).

4 Tag Recognize and Rise in all event coverage.

  • Instagram: @recognize_and_rise
  • Facebook: @recognizeandrise
5 Use the campaign hashtag: #ItHappens in all event coverage.
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