Detoxing Your Life

Anything that influences how you feel and how manageable your life feels can be an influence. Both positive and negative, they can be in many forms, such as a person, a behavior, or a thought.

It’s easier said than done to weed out negative influences, especially because sometimes the same thing can cause both positive and negative effects. Maybe someone provides you with companionship, but says things to make you feel guilty, or things you tell yourself help you feel in control, but you obsess over them. How can you differentiate when negatives are outweighing benefits?

Now more than ever it’s important to find your anchor within, something to keep you grounded so that you can navigate this life with resilience rather than be negatively influenced by it.

Furthermore, what steps do you take when you do reach the conclusion that something or someone is toxic? This worksheet will help you to learn how to make difficult adjustments like setting boundaries, as well as helping you build the confidence to be able to do so.

What negative thoughts, fears, worries or limiting beliefs have you been carrying around for too long? Get clear on how you are holding yourself back and upgrade your mindset to match your aspirations.

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