Do I Have an Alcohol Use Disorder? Or Am I a Normal Drinker?

Alcohol abuse or alcoholism is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the United
States. If you have been drinking a lot lately, you may be worried that you may have an
Alcohol Use Disorder. Use this quiz to determine whether your alcohol consumption has
gone out of hand or if you are a normal drinker.

Do I Have an Alcohol Use Disorder? Or Am I a
Normal Drinker?

This interactive tool can help you determine whether you have an alcohol use disorder or are
a normal drinker. Excessive alcohol consumption harms your health and may lead to chronic
illnesses such as alcoholic liver disease, certain cancers, and dependence.

Although this tool is not for diagnosis, it may help you find out whether you should seek help from your doctor.

Do I Have an Alcohol Use Disorder? Or Am I a Normal Drinker?

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1. How often do you take alcoholic drinks?

People with normal drinking habits can stop drinking easily and usually feel healthier once they cut down on excessive alcohol. On the other hand, people with Alcohol Use Disorder find it very hard to stop drinking. Some people have an abnormal physiological response to alcohol that makes it very hard to control how much they drink once they start. 

Alcohol Use Disorder causes both short-term and long-term implications for users. If you are experiencing symptoms of alcohol dependence, consider talking to a primary care physician or licensed therapist.

How you answer the questions will determine your score. Your results will appear as one of the following:

Pass: You are a normal drinker.

Fail: You are likely to have an Alcohol Use Disorder.

As with all check-up tools, this tool gives you a place to start. Remember that a fail score does not necessarily mean you may have an Alcohol Use Disorder. Also, a pass score does not always mean your drinking habits are within a healthy range. However, using this tool is not a substitute for a thorough evaluation by a therapist.

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