Mental Health Connection (MHC), with help from our coalition of members and committees, host several webinars supporting our Recognize & Rise initiative. We believe that bringing the community together, not only reminds each individual that they’re not alone, but also increases awareness to the varying levels of trauma (from every-day stress and overwhelm, to adversity and tragedy) and rise together with understanding and support. See below for how to stay informed and be a part of this journey to make a difference.

Follow the Recognize & Rise Facebook Events: If you prefer planning via social media, this is a great option too! Our Facebook is up-to-date, also with quick-and-easy access to free registration. Don’t forget to share our events, too – everyone is welcome!

Check in here any time, as well, for featured events, recaps, and more. We look forward to rising together with awareness!

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Attendee Feedback

"Thank you so very much for your attention and dedication to diversity and equality!"

Attendee of Parenting in an Age of Uncertainty Webinar

"Wow. This has been so touching and helpful. Thank you."

Attendee of the Parenting in an Age of Uncertainty Webinar

"Thank you for your time! I got a lot of answers from y'all! Keep up the good work!"

Attendee of the Protecting Our Children in a Digital World Webinar