Faces of Change Makers


DECEMBER 2, 2021

Noon – 4:00pm (lunch provided)

The Potter’s House of Fort Worth
1270 Woodhaven Blvd, Fort Worth, Texas 76112

Led by Dr. Allison Jackson and Donise Farmer


It’s Time to Start Healing

Tarrant County mental health related incidents pre-covid compared to 2020-21 show a stark increase in mental health incidents, substance use, family violence, inequity in care and issues of workforce capacity. There are increasing long wait lists at a time when need for services is at an all-time high. In many communities, mental health needs are extraordinarily complex, interrelated, and intergenerational.

Prior to COVID, it was estimated that 70% of adults in the U.S. have experienced some type of traumatic event at least once in their lives. If applied to the population of Tarrant County this would mean that 1.4 million residents that have experienced trauma have now been impacted by added stressors resulting from the pandemic exacerbating trauma symptoms. In addition, it can be safely surmised that many of the other 30% excluded in the pre-pandemic numbers could now be experiencing mental distress as a result of this pandemic environment.

Dr. Allison Jackson

CEO of Integration Solutions

Dr. Jackson aims to bring trauma-and-resilience-informed practices to professionals who serve at-promise youth, families, and adults in their communities. She lives out her mission by providing educational opportunities directly to community members as well as to people in the direct care and leadership levels of an organization.

Dr. Jackson grew up in Richmond, VA. She is a person of lived experience from whom we can learn valuable lessons about life and resiliency. As a professional, she has provided leadership development services via behavioral health, education, child welfare, and criminal justice systems for more than 20 years.

Donise Farmer

Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

Donise Farmer serves as a Diversity and Inclusion Specialist for Genworth Financial. With over 5000 employees, Genworth Financial is a Fortune 500 insurance company that is committed to helping families with mortgages and long-term care insurances.

As a specialist, Donise maintains and promotes diversity and inclusion strategies by focusing on employee engagement, inclusion, communication, change management, and learning initiatives aligned with the corporate global strategy. Donise’s area of expertise spans throughout all the areas of diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility. Her level of commitment is exemplified through her effective ability to work with business leaders both internally and externally. Her work is geared toward making a difference in the workplace and in the community.

Resilient Community

re·sil·ient com·mu·ni·ty / noun:   a community where all those involved recognize and respond to the varying impact of trauma, adversity and chronic stress has on children, adults, their caregivers, and others who have contact with the community. Community Change Makers act in collaboration to infuse this knowledge, awareness and skills into their neighborhood cultures, relationships, and mobilizing efforts using the best available science to facilitate and support resiliency and recovery.

We move to a culture of healing that asks  that “what happened to you?”  instead of   “what’s wrong with you.”

Recognize & Rise