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Raising Youth of Color in a Complex World

Although this chapter is written primarily to guide parents raising children of color, all people can benefit from better understanding the strategies to build resilience in the context of unique challenges, like racism. Chapter 33 discusses how we all play a critical part of building a generation of good character by raising all young people to avoid prejudice, commit to respectfully caring for and about oth-ers, and working to build a better world.

Building Resilience in These Uncertain Times

Our desire to protect our children is embedded in our parental bone marrow. The harsh reality, however, is that we cannot control any of these circumstances. The best way to protect our children is to shape the lessons gained during this difficult time, and build the resilience skills they will benefit from throughout their lives. This chapter highlights the feelings many of us are expe-riencing and pairs them with the opportunity they offer to model and teach lifelong resilience skills in our children.

Traumatic Impact of Racism on Young People

This chapter describes the pervasive negative effects of racism on youth development, as well as on their health and well-being,and the toll it exacts on families and communities who have been racially marginalized.

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