Dealing with Change

It can be difficult to think positively sometimes, especially when you’re going through something difficult or experiencing depression or anxiety. This causes you to have a hard time noticing any positives in a situation, or in your life in general.

This worksheet comes from Mental Health America’s Mental Health Month 2021 Toolkit

Below is a sample version of the activity from the worksheet. Try it out.

An exercise in looking for good

This cycle can often cause you to enter a downward spiral. It’s easier said than done to think positively, but when you do, it not only makes you feel better, but helps you find ways to improve your situation as well! Practice this method using these steps:

  1. What’s making you feel bad? Whether it’s a situation, negative thought, or something else, identify it.
  2. Even though it’s difficult, reframe the situation by finding new ways to think about it. Is there anything you’ve learned about yourself or life in general, or any silver lining? What’s a healthier thing you can replace your negative thoughts with?
  3. Look for the positives outside of this scenario through practicing gratitude regularly. What else are you thankful for in your life, big or small?
  4. Remind yourself of these positives once you’ve brainstormed them. Find ways to reinforce these reframed thoughts and the things you are thankful for. Either visually or in other forms, put them in places to remind yourself of the good in your life.

With practice, making a conscious effort to notice the good and internalizing it becomes a habit – making it easier to activate and maintain a positive state of mind even in the midst of chaos or upsetting events.

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