Parenting in an Age of Uncertainty Webinar (RECAP)

Dr. Ken Ginsburg

For Mental Health Connection’s (MHC’s) Recognize & Rise initiative, together, with our coalition of members, have organized a series of webinars to help us learn and rise together. On 12/1/20, as part of our Learn a Latte Parenting Series, we hosted a free webinar alongside Dr. Ken Ginsburg, as he guided us through Parenting in an Age of Uncertainty.

A sneak-peak summary and resources discussed:   
Many parents are looking for ways to shield their children from fear, anxiety, and suffering during these uncertain times, but unfortunately this isn’t something we can control. Dr. Ken Ginsburg led the way in helping us learn what we can do:

  • Stress self-forgiveness, empathy, and understanding
  • Teach children to acknowledge, process, and release emotions
  • Act as a calming presence
  • Help them learn to adapt
  • Share the joy of service

Dr. Ginsburg mentioned the Center for Parent & Teen Communication Website as a great resource to help guide you and your family, and you can also learn more about him, and the books he’s written, within his Fostering Resilience Website.

We hope you enjoyed, learned, and were inspired as much as we were! If you’re interested in more free webinars like this, please refer to our calendar of events and follow us on Facebook. All are welcome, so feel free to share with your family and friends, as well. Thank you for joining us, and together, helping to make a difference!


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