Pass The Penny Challenge


We each bring something pretty important to this planet, and whether you have to remind yourself of that daily or not, it’s true! That’s why we are starting something viral – something that we want you to be a part of.

Have you ever had someone tell you that you make their day brighter? Or that they are glad to have you as a friend? Feels pretty good, right? It gives us a little more pep in our step, swag in our stride, and can even be the encouragement we need to get through the day. We want to do this but on a much larger scale – after all, everything is bigger in Texas. That is why we are starting Pass the Penny, an Instagram campaign to spread positivity to the people in our lives who make our toughest days a little easier.

Pass the penny challenge

Join us in our mission by sharing a video shoutout on your Instagram to tell your friend, mom, cousin, coworker, or even your barista, something you appreciate about them! Use #PassthePennyTX and encourage them to pass it on.

Together, we can pass pennies, pass love, pass kindness, pass… well, whatever good vibes you want to share!

Ready to start making a Change?

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