For Mental Health Connection’s (MHC’s) Recognize & Rise initiative, together, with our coalition of members, have organized a series of webinars to help us learn and rise together. On 1/26/21, as part of our Learn a Latte Parenting Series, we will be hosting a free webinar, alongside the Arlington Police Department and Alliance For Children, as they guide us through Protecting Our Children: Internet Safety for Parents and Guardians.

A sneak-peek summary and what we’ll discuss:
So first off, let’s be real – parenting is tough – even before the pandemic! And with technology always advancing, the digital world encompassing more and more of our lives, and our school’s increased use of virtual learning, we just want to keep ou rchildren safe, happy, and healthy – but how?

Join us with Detective Nate Bishop from the Arlington Police Department’s Crimes Against Children Unit, and Carol Logan, the Community Engagement Supervisor from Alliance For Children, as we discuss ways to protect our children in this digital world.

This webinar will focus on:

  • Current trends related to internet crimes against children and how to facilitate conversation with kids and teens about the internet.
  • Safety and security issues that children and teens face, such as: inappropriate content, online privacy, sexting, online solicitation, and cyberbullying.
  • Tips for caregivers on how to protect our children online, no matter how they acces the internet.