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Healing, Hope, and Growth

It is possible to heal from the impact of trauma. To work through the feeling of hopelessness by seeking help and finding hope. Many have taken this courageous journey. Here are stories of their healing and the power and resiliency they built along the path to a thriving life.

Sarah talks about substance abuse
Nigel talks about sexual abuse
Tracie talks about anxiety
Gregory talks about chronic illness
Sheridan talks about social isolation
Robin talks about aging parents
BJ talks about job loss
Mark talks about bullying

Veteran Makes Connections and Builds Resiliency

Angel Ayala shares his journey of healing after suffering trauma from a terrorist bombing while serving his country.

A Journey of Healing Begins with Trust

Susan Davis finds hope and healing from childhood trauma.

A Grubbs Family Connection

Will finds hope and a future with the Grubbs family.

Can We Help?

Sometimes we don’t consider certain events as significant or impactful as they might be. Oftentimes, we don’t connect that experience of adversity or trauma with other difficulties we could be experiencing – emotionally, in relationships, in our mood, even in our physical health!

That’s where working on our mental wellness comes in. This can take any number of forms, from practicing mindfulness or yoga, to taking up an activity, to joining an interest group to adopting a pet.

In many cases, having trustworthy people who can help us “connect the dots” is really important. It can be difficult to know where to even begin looking for someone trustworthy to talk to. Sometimes that person can be a friend, pastor, spiritual mentor teacher or coach. At others, depending on our individual situation, we might need to seek help from a professional counselor.

We provide ideas on how to determine ways to identify a person or people who will provide us the support we truly need. Recognize & Rise’s partners have taken a pledge to deliver trauma-informed care by creating safe and welcoming environments to all who seek support.

FREE Journal

Journaling helps us heal by disclosing emotions rather than stuffing them down, which is known to be harmful for our health. Through writing, our pain gets translated into black-and-white words that exist outside of ourselves, helping us make sense of them.

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