Third Tuesday Webinars

Stressed Out?

A pandemic, political unrest, at-home learning, economic instability, the last year has been one of the most stressful in our recent history for many families. Our free 3-part series with experts on child development and mental health for engaging and entertaining workshops has focused on the relationship between successful parenting and self-care.

In this, our third in our Family Mental Wellness series, award-winning author Dr. Ken Ginsburg will focus on developing coping skills and resilience in our children through parental guidance and positive youth development.

Matt Bennett

March & April – Stress Management for Everyone in the House
2-Part Series with Matt Bennett:

3/16/21  6:00pm–7:00pm CST (VIEW RECAP BELOW)
4/20/21  6:00pm–7:00pm CST (VIEW RECAP BELOW)

Mr. Bennett utilizes a participant-centered approach, which includes interactions and adult learning activities to maximize learning, retention, and application. These approaches, combined with a strong mastery of the topical research, allow delivery of in-depth subject matter in a practical manner, targeted to the audience. Mr. Bennett’s presentations are a dynamic dance of innovative research, practical applications, and a passion for the art and science of helping others.

Matt Bennett, MBA, MA, has a master’s degree in community psychology and executive development (nonprofit management), as well as a master’s in business administration in health care. Mr. Bennett specializes in the delivery of trauma-informed care, quality improvement, results-based leadership, and Motivational Interviewing. Mr. Bennett has successfully combined his academic pursuits as a researcher, blogger, and published author with his practical experience in leading nonprofit organizations and educational institutions to develop research-based solutions to improve the health of individuals, organizations, and systems.

Dr. Ken Ginsburg

May – Building Resilience in Young People

5/18/21  6:00pm–7:00pm CST

“Although we were all teenagers once, adolescence presents challenges we often forget about. Even in the best of times, their lives contain an enormous amount of uncertainty and can include overwhelming stress.” The more strain in the family, the easier it is to have a blind spot for what our teenagers are experiencing. Dr. Ginsburg returns to the Learning a Latte Series to provide a new lens to see teenagers, understand their thinking, and appreciate their transitional years from childhood to young adulthood.

Dr. Ginsburg specializes in Adolescent Medicine at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, is a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and Co-Founder and Director of Programs at Center for Parent and Teen Communication. He also serves Philadelphia’s homeless youth as Director of Health Services at Covenant House Pennsylvania. The theme is that of building on the strength of teenagers by fostering their internal resilience. His goal is to translate the best of what is known from research and practice into approaches we can all can use to prepare children and teens to thrive.

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