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Are You Depressed?

Many people believe depression is not serious or they think they can get through it, or even beat it, on their own. In fact, untreated depression can get worse, cause other health problems, and may last for years or even a lifetime. Take this time to give yourself a quick check-up.


Are You Stressed?

Major life changes are some of the biggest causes of stress. This interactive tool gauges your stress level based on the number of life changes you’ve had recently. This helps estimate of your current stress level and the likelihood that you could develop health problems due to stress.


How Well Do
You Bounce Back?

Resilience can help protect you from various mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety. It can also help offset factors that increase the risk of these conditions, such as being bullied or past trauma. Being resilient can drastically improve your ability to bounce back.


Can We Help?

Sometimes we don’t consider certain events as significant or impactful as they might be. Oftentimes, we don’t connect that experience of adversity or trauma with other difficulties we could be experiencing – emotionally, in relationships, in our mood, even in our physical health!

That’s where working on our mental wellness comes in. This can take any number of forms, from practicing mindfulness or yoga, to taking up an activity, to joining an interest group to adopting a pet.

In many cases, having trustworthy people who can help us “connect the dots” is really important. It can be difficult to know where to even begin looking for someone trustworthy to talk to. Sometimes that person can be a friend, pastor, spiritual mentor teacher or coach. At others, depending on our individual situation, we might need to seek help from a professional counselor.

We provide ideas on how to determine ways to identify a person or people who will provide us the support we truly need. Recognize & Rise’s partners have taken a pledge to deliver trauma-informed care by creating safe and welcoming environments to all who seek support.

Wellness Exercises

From looking for good in a situation to prioritizing self-care to dealing with change, Recognize & Rise offers a number of different worksheets and exercises you can download and use to help you work through everyday stresses we face. We offer twelve worksheets covering a number of topics, and the library is growing all the time.

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