What's Your Stress Level?

This interactive tool can help you assess your issues and find out if you might have a high level of stress. It calculates how many contributors of stress you have and — based on your answers — suggests where you might be on a scale from a little stressed to highly stressed.

Although this tool is not for diagnosis, it may help you find out whether you should seek help from your doctor.

If you have a moderate or high stress level, you are more likely to develop a stress-related illness in the near future. As with all check-up tools, the results are only an estimate. The way you deal with stress depends on several things. These include your ability to cope with change (resiliency), how significant life events are to you, and how much support you get from family and friends. There may also be events that cause you stress that are not included in this tool.

With lifestyle changes, the symptoms caused by even the highest stress level may begin to improve in time.

After you use this interactive tool, you will be better able to see how much stress life changes are causing you. Your score will appear as one of the following:

  • You may have low stress
  • You may have moderate stress
  • You may have high stress

Your results can give you a rough measurement of your stress level due to life changes. If you have moderate or high amounts of stress in your life, consider what you can do to avoid adding more stress to your life and what you can do to cope with current stress.

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